Where do you get your password?

The API docs etc. talk about a password.

But when i sign-up for https://desec.io/ with a “managed DNS account”, confirm my mail, I afterwards directly get a nameserver records etc. for the registrar.

That seems to be it…??

So where is the password. I could not enter it anywhere, I did not see it anywhere.

Hi rugk,

Nice to see you here! :slight_smile: Welcome.

Accounts do not have a password by default, but you can set one by using the Reset Account Password form.

However, there is currently no interface to log in to; you can work use the account password only to log in and manage your account using the API.

We are working on a web interface and expect to release a first version in May or June.

Stay secure,

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Okay, this is very unexpected.
In the new UI maybe request that directly at registration time. :smiley:

Also: How can you use the APi when you have not set a password? Which magic value should you use then there?

dynDNS users are presented a token after clicking on the activation link. They don’t need a password.