§3 Expiration of Inactive dynDNS Domains

People are being told the terms provide “an explanation” about the purging of accounts in 6 months intervals.

Depending on what, in the days of Corona, actually counts as explanation, I read:
“Dynamic DNS domains that are not updated for six months or longer will be deleted after a warning with 4 weeks notice. Owners can prevent deletion by updating DNS information.”

Well, what does this explain? Is it about the inevitablity of allowing to free up resources for active deSEC

The criterion for the purge is the “altering of DNS records”. Well, once an e-mail system is set up properly, there is no need to change any records, as many people will be aware of.

So that criterion seems a little far-fetched when it is supposed to prove “inactivity” of a user – since in fact it is what an active zone user would typically do, once all is working in his zone: just use the zone, but not change it.

It should be clear that under this policy, users will not necessarily consider dedyn.io a “rock-solid” provider, when they risk getting their zones trashed on grounds like these. But maybe it is going to save a whole lot of electricity thereby stopping global warming.

As I ran into the situation before, I can confirm it is not required to alter the zone or even to log in - when you get an inactivity warning email there is a link inside to confirm that you are in fact not inactive, and after clicking it, the domain will not get deleted.

Getting rid of “old accounts” like this is common practice for many free services I’m using (and I don’t know if they actually all write it in their TOS that they do so). And twice a year seems to be reasonable for me.

Not treating a “dyndns” domain inactive if there have been updates (which will likely happen within 6 months in case you use the domain for the “dyndns” purpose) is just a convenience for some users (and it also can be used for easy automation in a cron job to avoid the situation to even happen).

It might not save much electicity, but it may save them from having to buy new storage once their zone file is filled with millions of unused domains. (If you pay for a service, you will generally cancel that subscription when you don’t need it any more. Free services often just get forgotten.)

That being said, I’m just a user, and I cannot complain about the great service you are providing.

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