A record keeps disappearing after a few days

I use deSEC for DNS records and put in an A type record for my home ip address which rarely changes. My deSec name then points to my home ip and everything works fine. A few days or a week later everything stops working and I go back to my deSec account and find that my A record is gone. I put in my A record, everything works again. A few days or week later, things fail and I again find my A record gone. What is going on?

Hi EagleEye,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

The most likely cause is that for some reason, your device is sending an update request at some point with an empty IP parameter, which causes the record to be deleted.

If this happens again, please contact support a day or two later (we don’t keep logs very long), and let us know about the date and the domain name in question. We can then look into what caused this.

Hope that helps!

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