Account retrieval after E-Mail change


I’ve run into some trouble with my account. My old E-Mail that I used to sign up with has been lost to the void (the provider went out of business IIRC), so anything sent there just gets nowhere. Now the issue is that I want to change my account’s E-Mail address, but can’t sign in because the “password” provided in the sign-up message is just a token for updating the DNS record, not an actual password to the new GUI.

I’m caught in a loop - I can’t change the E-Mail address because I don’t have a password and I can’t reset my password because the mail is undeliverable. However, I have a copy of the original sign-up mail around and actively use my domain with the token provided there.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this?



Hi Leo,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

As I understand, you still have an API token. In this case, we can proceed as follows to resolve your catch-22.

  • Please get in touch with us by email, using any address.
  • We will notify the registered email address about this ongoing process.
  • We will send you a random string, and you will have to use your API token to change the NS records of your domain(s) to include this string. (We will send you precise instructions, and we will set things up so that this change does not interfere with your domain’s/domains’ availability.)
  • Lastly, we will verify that the string was set correctly.

Once these steps are performed, we can rest assured that you are the legitimate account owner. 7 days after notifying the registered email address, we will then trigger the “change email” process using the email through which the verification happened.

Does this help you?

Stay secure,

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the quick reply! This sounds good, and the E-Mail should be on its way.