Check presence of IPV6 record

If I only submit an IPV4 record upon provider ip change to then the AAAA IPV6 record will be removed.

I haven’t found any check possibility via curl or similar to Linux script check IF an IPV6 record is present or not (no matter if a or which kind of content).

I would like to know if currenty NO IPV6 record is present to then set one via ddclient.

Background: I dont want the provider IPV6 assigned to my router as IPV6 at desec, I need to have the IPV6 address of a connected raspi published to public.
If I only update IPV4 via router the IPV6 record in desec will be deleted. If the Linux check Script determins a missing IPV6 record I could update via ddclient.

Or is there a different possibility to submit the IPV6 address of a connected device instead of the router IPV6 itself?

Any help here or on a command to check the presence of a IPV6 record?

Currenty tried:<>

Trying to have kind of placeholder in desec to insert IPV6 afterwards via ddclient…

Thanks in advance,

I think ideal world would be use ddclient to update BOTH, IPV4 and IPV6, is that possible?

Hi un99known99,

as of now, the deSEC dynDNS API does not support to update the v4 and v6 addresses of the same domain name from different update clients:

It is not possible to set up IPv4 and IPv6 by using both update servers in an alternating fashion.

However, there was some effort to integrate this feature.

Any comments on how the API should look like, or pull requests implementing the required changes to deSEC are highly welcome!