CNAME isn't published


I know, it‘s a newby question, but I couldn’t find any answer to it: I need to create a CNAME record in order to retrieve a SSL certificate. The entry was easly created using the web frontend but it doesn’t seems to be published. The downloaded zone file contains the new entry but neither the SSL isuing site can verify the entry nor google dig see any CNAME entry. Did I miss any button to publish the information?



Hi Mika,

Thanks for your message and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

A typical error is that users enter the full domain name into the subname field, although it should only be the subdomain part. For example, when your CNAME is for in the domain, the subname field should only contain the first part, test.

If this does not help, please contact support with your specific domain name so we can take a look.

Stay secure,


thanks for your quick response. The domain was already stripped from the value. If the subdomain is added again, the updated record still doesn’t show up in google dig but the subdomain shows up twice in the zone file. I will drop you an email containing more specific information.