Copy & Paste issues

Hey everybody,

I really :heart: and I’m using it for managing over 50 domains without any problem.

Unfortunately I stumbled upon some kind of issue I would like to raise here. Maybe there is a chance for this to be improved.

Sometimes I need to replace values by hand in my DNS configuration. Especially the dkim._domainkey TXT value is something I needed to alter from time to time. As the nature of this value is that it has a length of over 400 chars this exceeds the length being displayed in the GUI. So far that’s not a problem, but…

…as soon as you select the content of the line and want to replace it with the content from the clipboard it is not being replaced but appended. You can easily reproduce that by copying and pasting any value into a field where you selected parts of before. It will not replace the selected part as you might be used to but append it.

If you don’t pay enough attention to the content the new value is appended at the end of the over 400 chars long value without notice. You have to select everything in the line, copy it to the clipboard and paste it to a notepad to see what has happened.

Something like this:

"v=DKIM1;k=rsa;t=s;s=email;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAwkttPhynQjcD84bKPSlScTXQWdTFe2mZEMlzDzqcd97MWEla/+AFXTgAD337h+i1EfvNaVFwMHVHJ3Hkb8mlFLGbbIjqMYS9YdzWB8Lheev4KgtEdBYrufAmoGiQX8JmT1AMSupgo0GSYQL9wRYN7lGvb7DYYsIP1y6B9QbtJnpkl+S0K4DHX64pbnU/JLwMgYe1QPDQk4JbpFRa1JAm0r7Noiqg6z8EjGYuyeFZbNf/CaGt0oflN2YTlF+/kpWKU/3HEIbfBSWfvY2o4RhS6fHHJOzxhDZVrptkDUQELAFPZBQggVCftMzpGOCuTgehAUAWhDO+pq7Jyz4Z+EvAxwIDAQAB""v=DKIM1;k=rsa;t=s;s=email;p=MIIBIjANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAwkttPhynQjcD84bKPSlScTXQWdTFe2mZEMlzDzqcd97MWEla/+AFXTgAD337h+i1EfvNaVFwMHVHJ3Hkb8mlFLGbbIjqMYS9YdzWB8Lheev4KgtEdBYrufAmoGiQX8JmT1AMSupgo0GSYQL9wRYN7lGvb7DYYsIP1y6B9QbtJnpkl+S0K4DHX64" "pbnU/JLwMgYe1QPDQk4JbpFRa1JAm0r7Noiqg6z8EjGYuyeFZbNf/CaGt0oflN2YTlF+/kpWKU/3HEIbfBSWfvY2o4RhS6fHHJOzxhDZVrptkDUQELAFPZBQggVCftMzpGOCuTgehAUAWhDO+pq7Jyz4Z+EvAxwIDAQAB"

I would really love to have the same behaviour here as everywhere else where selected text gets replaced by a copy and paste instead of appended.

So my current workaround is to select the value of a field, delete it and paste it afterwards. But that requires me to remember this kind of special behaviour every time – especially when I’m in a hurry this might not always be the case.

Thanks for reading so far. Maybe this can be changed in a future release? :pray:


Hi Christian,

that’s definitely a bug, and I agree it should be fixed.

Would you mind reporting it at Issues · desec-io/desec-stack · GitHub? That makes it easier for us to run the discussion (if any) and associate it with any potential code changes. Thanks!

Stay secure,

Sure, here it is :pray: