Create New Domain with Cloudflare


This might be a really simple question but I’m unfamiliar with setting up domains.

My account with deSEC was created automatically when I installed the Nextcloud Appliance and my domain name was created automatically, e.g., which I use to login securely to my Nextcloud Applicance via the internet.

I want to create an additional domain name from my deSEC account and I am trying to create one to use with my cloudflare account.

For example I created the domain:, and I add this website to my cloudflare account and from cloudflare I get 2 NS records to replace the ones of my deSEC domain, namely:

I have added these 2 NS to my deSEC domain and there are no further records attached to my domain (however, for my Nextcloud domain I can see it has records “A” and “CNAME” created, but my newly created domain, only has 2 NS records).

The issue I am getting is when I try and access nothing happen, i get the error “This site can’t be reached”.

I have setup a tunnel in cloudflare to connect to a server on my network and the tunnel is being reported as “health” so I’m thinking the issue is with the way I have setup the new domain.

I have tried troubleshooting by pinging my domain, which resolves to my external IP, but when I ping I get “host could not be found”.

Any help would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

You can’t delegate <name> to an other dns service, this is not supported.

(If you want to manage your DNS zone at Cloudflare, you need your own domain name. But then I don’t understand what you want to use deSEC for. That’s like going to REWE but wanting to use Lidl. Both manage DNS zones. For your use case: Why do you want to use both at the same time?)

HI Markus

Thanks for the reply. In my LAN environment I have an instance of Home Assistant and via the cloudflare addon, it enables secure access via the internet through a tunnel, and you need to do the following:

  1. Have you own domain name.
  2. Move your domain DNS to cloudflare.
  3. Install the cloudflare addon in Home Assistant and setup the tunnel for secure remote access.

I was hoping to use deSEC to provide a domain name as I already had an account with them but think will need to go with a provide like

Thanks for clearing up deSEC is unsuitable for this.