DD-WRT and desec dynamic dns

Anyone have this working? I don’t normally use dd-wrt these days but had one instance where it made sense. I saw an old reference of it adding desec.io support so I have a recent enough build where it’s included in the list but I can’t get it to work with either the desec option or the custom option. It’s dd-wrt 52306… and perhaps more relevant in-a-dyn 2.10.0. Anyway just a sanity check in case others have it working.

So if it helps anyone else, I was just able to get it working with the following settings…

Enable Service: Custom
Dynamic DNS Server: update.dedyn.io
Path: /?myipv4=%i
Username: your domain
Password: your authentication token secret
Hostname: your domain
Use External IP Check: No (for me)
Use SSL: Yes