DDNS Updater on Windows

Hi There,

first a BIG thanks for offering a reliable service …

I have a linksys-mesh router, which ONLY supports dyn.comm or tzo.comm … but NOT desec.io

Q: Is there a simple script / tool on windows to update my IP4 address?

Thanks in advance & a Dankeschoen

Hi rnio,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC!

We have some documentation on the topic, specifically:

There is also a Windows tool form the community that you can try. I’m not sure it’s still maintained; if you have questions about it, I suggest using their bugtracker: https://github.com/Nesos-ita/DynamicDnsUpdater

Does that help you?

Stay secure,

The API is great for programming a tool … or a linux environment, where I can just create a script and cron it.

The tool (Nesos - Dynamic Dns Updater) you mentioned does the job … simple … clean :slight_smile:

Thanks again !