Dedyn-VPN Fritzbox/mobile device error


this is my first post starting with a question being a newbie concerning VPN.
I registered for dynDNS to use a VPN connection from a mobile device to my Fritzbox.
In the WebGui of Fritzbox I put in the necessary registered data according to the instructions of your documentation site.
I proceeded with the configuration of Wireguard protocol in the Fritz-WebGui and at my mobile device using a Wireguard app there and installing the downloaded config file of Fritzbox.
But no VPN connection was possible. According to protoco at the device a handshake error occured.
It seems for me that with the new FritzOS V. 7.56 an account for may be mandatory to install a VPN using Wireguard even if another DynDNS account is configured instead.
As I don’t need a MyFritz account my question:
Is there any way to establish a VPN by Wireguard between Fritzbox - a mobile device by without using
Thanks for help in advance.

You are asking your question in the wrong place. This forum is about deSEC e.V. services, not about AVM GmbH products and your question does not seem to have any relation to DNS at all.

The only relevant question here would be about your setup of the deSEC DynDNS service. Is that working correctly?

  • If so, you are done here as your issue is off-topic.
  • If not, you would need to go into more detail about your setup. But this is documented quite well: Configuring your dynDNS Client There is even an example on how to configure a FRITZ!Box.



sorry, if my post should have been or without enough details.

After I had registerd I have written the data in the DynDNS tab of the Fritzbox WebGUI
herein following the instruction weblink you have referred to and these data explicitly:

„Update Server, or Update URL Username (the full name of the domain you want to update, e.g.
Hostname (same as your username)
Token secret (long random string for authentication, displayed after sign-up).“

Changing to the Wireguard in the WebGUI tab then to set up Wireguard an error message was displayed that the DynDNS configuration is misconfigured and so the configuration was refused.

Let me add I have read the whole instruction scrolling down and specifically the descriptions how and where to add more details in the update address e.g., but thought this is related to use of ip6 only, so not helpful for ip4 which is in use here. Maybe this is a misunderstanding of mine?

Hopefully these details are sufficient to allow some insight what the problem may be.
Introducing myself as an unexperienced user in this concern I would appreciate it very much to get some advice how to solve this problem.

I could find a solution.There was a misunderstanding in my confuration file.
@Admin/Moderator:The topic might be closed.
Thank you.