deSEC cheat sheet: of what practical use is it to me?

Some may have arrived at via some computer magazine article such as in c’t magazin(e). Those articles tend to spend a lot of talk on techie mumbo-jumbo which is nice and all, as long as it does not fall short in the “real use case” department.

So here is how deSEC is real useful for “Joe Sixpack”:

  • using a dedyn subdomain you can put together an email address employing DKIM which will be rated low-spam-score thus has good chances to actually hit a hotmail-inbox rather than its spambox. This can be done quickly if a roundcube webmailer is at hand by just setting a few DNS records.

  • to be continued

  • in firefox usually shows NEGATIVE even while using cloudflare as DNS-over-HTTPS resolver.

  • systemd-resolved, the Linux DNS resolver, can be made DNSSEC-aware, some claim.

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indeed, rates your mail 10 out 10 usually. And your effort required to achieve that tends to be minimal.