deSEC Status page shows old updated values?

When looking at the deSEC status page at I notice that the reported last update timestamps for API, dynDNS service and DNS Anycast Frontends seem to be very old:

  • API: Last updated Saturday 17th October 2020 21:06:45
  • dynDNS service: Last updated Thursday 11th June 2020 13:02:52
  • DNS Anycast Frontends: Last updated Thursday 11th June 2020 13:07:27

Is this incorrect data, i.e. are the status values actually more recent, or these really very old status values?



Hi fiwswe,

The timestamp is only updated when a service disruption is reported.

This is because reports are published manually: While we do have automated monitoring and alerting (we aim at a few minutes reaction time), that’s currently not connected to the status page. As usual, any improvements are of course appreciated :slight_smile:

Stay secure,

Ok, that explains it. Thanks!

Where would I look to see if I can offer improvements to the system? does not seem to include the status page or the system for monitoring the services?


The status page is not part of desec-stack because it’s supposed to provide people with information in case desec-stack is down :wink:

Currently, it is a simple Docker deployment of Cachet hosted on a different machine. We don’t deviate form the standard setup. Here are some docs on how to get started:

I’m not sure what Cachet’s automation capabilities are, nor are we bound to using Cachet. We mainly started using it because of its simplicity (KISS principle).

Stay secure,