Hello together,

maybe an info or a question.

I’m using a dedyn domain for a docker/traefik installation and for a proxmox server. For both i have retrieved a valid letsencrypt certificate with dns-01 challenge. :slightly_smiling_face:

traefik used lego for the challenge

proxmox used a module based on for the challenge.

For traefik i have to use the DESEC_TOKEN environment variable and for proxmox i have to use the DEDYN_TOKEN environment variable.

I think the usage of different environment variables has “historic” reasons?

Regards, Henry

Hi Henry,

I would think so, yes.

On the deSEC side, API tokens are just API tokens – there is no distinction like DESEC_TOKEN and DEDYN_TOKEN. I wouldn’t even know what that would mean. It’s just a variable name and doesn’t mean anything, really.

Stay secure,