deSEC unavailable today?

Today at around 13:00 CET as well as a few other times the last few days, I have been experiencing problems resolving DNS on domains hosted at
I have a number of processes that does hourly SSH sessions to various hosts. For the hosts that has domain names on domains hosted at deSEC, I get these errors:

ssh: Could not resolve hostname $hostname: Temporary failure in name resolution

I am writing to see if there has been some known operational instability the last few days - or if it is something somewhere on my end… I do not think it is very likely that the problem is on my end because of the following facts:

1: My machines have several different operating systems (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
2: My machines are located in different geographical areas including in separate countries)
3: My machines have different ISPs.
4: The DNS resolution errors only happen on names relating to domains that I host in deSEC.
5: Domains hosted elsewhere does not seem to produce errors at these times.
6: The problems exist across several different TLDs.

So many factors differ between my machines but still they experience DNS errors at the same time and only on the deSEC hosted domains.

Does deSEC have some sort of status page such as these ones for AWS and Azure?

There is a status page for available:

It seems that there are ddos attacks since a few days. I hope the desec-team is able to scale their infrastructure soon.
I switched a few weeks ago to and now the availability of my domains is worse than before :frowning:

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to deSEC!

We’re sorry and embarrassed about this, and we’re working hard to get these issues resolved within a few days. There’s nothing more I can tell you at this time, but I want you to know that your reports are being seen and taken seriously. <3

Stay secure,