DNS-O-Matic query

Dear all,
so DNS-O-Matic has some presets for deSec.
It asks for User ID, Password, Host/Identifier.
Password would be the Token. But what exactly are User ID and Host in this context?
Thanks 4 help!

Maybe you should direct this question to the DNS-O-Matic team? Or check their documentation?

For updating deSEC / deDYN records you need the the domain (e.g. example.dedyn.io) and a token that is authorized to update the domain. See IP Update API. This information authenticates the request and identifies which domain to update.

How that is mapped to the DNS-O-Matic form fields needs to be specified by them. If they have 3 fields, one of them may be irrelevant. As a guess I’d try:

  • User ID: domain
  • Password: token
  • Host/Identifier: domain

Security warning: By giving DNS-O-Matic your token you are trusting them not to misuse it and to keep it secure. This is an insecure-by-design concept! To mitigate potential unintended/unauthorized use, I’d at least limit the scope of what that token can access as much as possible. This is especially important if your deSEC account contains more than one domain. The same goes for credentials for other DDNS services you let them update for you. Personally I would not use a service where I have to give them access to credentials of other services.