DS and DNSKEY Records on inwx.de

Hi, inwx.de is managing my zone and I successfully delegated this for a subdomain to desec.io. I can update my records here and nearly everything works fine.

One thing I didn’t manage to setup is to set the DS or DNSKEY settings for my delegated subdomain at inwix, and therefore dnssec doesn’t work for the subdomains I delegated to desec.io.

Did anyone successfully set the appropriate records with https://inwix.de?
It seems I can only set them for the whole Nameserver there, and the values provided by desec.io don’t seem to work for that.

Maybe you should contact the inwx.de support with your question?

But that aside, delegating a subdomain whose parent domain is hosted at inwx.de to deSEC only makes sense if the parent domain is DNSSEC secured. Is it?

Note: They do have a DNSSEC API but I don’t quite get it.

  • On the one hand the allow automated DNSSEC, where I assume they generate the keys, sign the RRsets and set the DS records in the parent domain (if they are the registrar for the domain).
  • But they also seem to offer a manual mode, where the customer can provide the DNSKEYs. However there seems to be no provision for providing a private key for signing the RRsets?


I asked INWX support about this. Here is their reply: