DS Records with GoDaddy

I have an issue with setting up Delegation of Signing (DS) records with GoDaddy. Upon atempting to add the DS records from DeSEC I receive this message “Unable to submit DS record. If this continues, please contact our support team at 3050-7470.” GoDaddy responds with the DS Records are incorrect.

Also for the second DS record I’m unable to select Digest Type 4. GoDaddy only supports Digest Types 1 and 2.

is it possible to use GoDaddy or should I move the domain to another registrar?

Hi dwill,

Thank you for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

First of all, only one DS record is needed. The current best practice is to use the one with digest type 2. I’ll make a note to improve our GUI in that regard.

Second, regarding the error message: We can sort this out with GoDaddy, but we will need your domain name and a screenshot of your inputs. Can you please send that to our support? Thanks!

Stay secure,

I have exactly the same problem. Just created a new domain “tludewig.de” at deSEC dealing with godaddy as registar.

Thank you for your report. We are in touch with GoDaddy to get this problem resolved. I will update this thread once that is done.

Stay secure,