Dynamic DNS Settings with Draytek Vigor 130


i am trying to configure my Draytek Vigor 130 to update my desec Dynamic DNS, but i cant get it to work.

As of my knowledge, i configured everything correctly, but the settings are quite different than for example in a AVM Router. (picture attached)

The Router occasionally notifies me to “check my settings”. Also it sends the requests to the completely wrong domain. ( [in different post if possible, i can only post one image] log attached, the one after H= , where i censored my subdomain)
I get either the “send http request” error or something like “could not resolve hostname”.

The Manual of the router is very inspecific at this point and does not really explain what it is doing with the data in the form fields. i think i am overlooking something important here :smiley:
Maybe somebody who has the same router can identify the problem right away?
thanks in advance, i appreciate any directions to what could be going wrong here.

log output:

Hi benny32,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t tell from the screenshots what is going on. If you like, you can send an email to our support email address and include your domain name. I can then check if I can find something helpful in our logs.

Stay secure,