Dynamically updating wildcard domain


I created a domain and I am updating it using:
curl --user "mysubdomain.dedyn.io:myCode" https://update.dedyn.io

This works fine.

Next I was trying to add a wildcard domain - I was able to do that for a mnaully controlled IP address. Works fine.

Last, I would like to be able to update my wildcard subdomain such that it aligns with my main domain IP.

I was trying:
curl --user "*.mysubdomain.dedyn.io:myCode" https://update.dedyn.io

This time I am receiving: “Invalid basic auth token”

Please advise if I can update a wildcard subdomain.
Please advise if alternatively I can update any other subdomain
(e.g. ‘xyz.mysubdomain…’)

I am was happy to discover this open and free service - great work!

btw. the limitation to write more than 2 links is troubling since the editor seem to recognise links even when they are not suppose to be links

Hi davidhadas,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

Our dynDNS update interface currently does not support updating the IP address of a subdomain directly.

UPDATE (February 2021): We now support using the dynDNS update inferface on custom domains and on subdomains out of the box. You can use the full domain name (including subdomain) as the update username, and an API token as the update password. (Please note that if you want multiple subdomains always pointing at the same IP, it will be more efficient to create CNAME records for the subdomains using our web interface.) For details, see the docs. /update

However, if I understood you correctly, you would like the wildcard subdomain *.mysubdomain.dedyn.io to point to the same IP address as your main domain mysubdomain.dedyn.io. In this case, you can achieve the same effect by configuring a DNS redirect from the wildcard subdomain to the main domain. You can do that by creating a record with type CNAME and subdomain *, pointing to the target value mysubdomain.dedyn.io..

To set this up, please use the Passwort Reset functionality to set a login password for your account (if you don’t have one yet), log in, click on your domain, and add the record using the web interface.

Please let me know if you run into any problems in the process. Good luck!

Stay secure,