dynDNS and wildcard for subdomains


is it possible to create a forward (e.g. CNAME) that all subdomains are pointet to the dynDNS domain?

*.example.dedyn.io => example.dedyn.io

Regards, Henry

I don’t think you can do it via the web site. I just tried it and it is indeed possible via the REST API:

curl -X POST https://desec.io/api/v1/domains/EXAMPLE.dedyn.io/rrsets/ \
	--header "Authorization: Token YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE" \
	--header "Content-Type: application/json" \
	--data '{"subname": "*", "type": "CNAME", "ttl": 3600, "records": ["EXAMPLE.dedyn.io."]}'

Replace EXAMPLE.dedyn.io (twice) with your subdomain and YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE with your dedyn domain’s password.

Many thanks for your fast answer.

After some tries it works. :slight_smile:

on the records was an additional dot needed ```
“records”: [“EXAMPLE.dedyn.io.”]

Now it works fine.

Yeah sorry, I forgot it and added it during testing, but then forgot to add it back to the original version (without my password and hostname…) Edited my post :slight_smile:

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Hi, I tried to move away from my current dynDNS provider, because DNS is completly broken until unknown.

Now my standalone certbot can not challenge my subdomain’s subdomains. I tried to apply your fix, but it seems not to help.

Is the accepted answer still valid?

Many thanks

Hi Futuref,

Welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

What’s the error your getting?

Stay secure,

Not getting any error, but if I check the domain, no CNAME was added.