DynDNS on Android (AutoUpdate) possible?

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Sometimes i want administrate an firewall (somewhere) from my smartphone (mostly in holidays when no laptop is available). Do you know an App or Settings where i can use for DynDNS Services?
If yes, i can create a pass-rule in the firewalls to connect on the adminPanel.

Otherwise i do what? VPN? Any other Ideas?

Thanks in advice


You can update using a simple bookmark:

Replace your.domain.dedyn.io with the domain you want to update and token with one of your access tokens, not your deSEC account password.

Your IP address will be taken from the web request, so if you’re accessing that URL via IPv4, you get an A record with your public-facing IPv4 address, and if the contact with the update server is via IPv6, you get an AAAA record with your IPv6 address.

For details see the IP update documentation:

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Good idea, thank you.

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