Edit SOA Record

I hope this feature will soon be involved because it can be used to customize nameservers, like ns1.example.com pointed to ns1.desec.io. and ns2.example.com pointed to ns2.desec.org.

Maybe it’s not an important feature, but I’d like to have custom nameservers.

Hi muidar,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC :slight_smile:

The SOA record only contains technical information that we believe should be handled by the DNS operator, not by the domain owner. One reason for this is that hiding technical details from the user is less distracting, and the second reason is that this allows us to optimize the technical parameters in a way that we believe is most reasonable. Note that most of the parameters relate to synchronization of deSEC servers (“replication”) and are not relevant for users of your domain.

If you have feedback on specific SOA values, we can discuss an adjustment – but we will not enable general SOA editing.

That’s not correct. SOA records have nothing to do with the nameserver names.

We advise against using custom nameserver names. This is because custom nameserver names require you to configure the corresponding IP addresses, but those might change at any time. So, if there’s an IP address change, your custom nameserver names will suddenly stop working.

You can avoid this problem by using ns1.desec.io and ns2.desec.org.

Stay secure,

Thanks for your advice. It seems like that I do not need to edit the SOA record to use custom nameserver names. Perhaps, I’ll just contact you, If I have to change. Thanks anyway.