How to add cloudflare to dedyn domain?

Hello, i try to add cloudflare to dedyn domain but it dosen’t work or i do something wrong. I pointed my server ip to cloudflare and i added cloudflare nameservers to dedyn domain and it dosen’t work, cloudflare confirm the nameserver was added but website not work, what i do wrong?

Hi aveurs,

welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile: In order to help you out, we probably need more information.

  1. Which Cloudflare service are you using?
  2. What are the NS records for your dedyn domain precisely?
  3. What did you try to determine it is not working?
    3a. What was the expected result?
    3b. What was the actual result?


For example i add cloudflare protection, i point host server ip to cloudflare dns and i add cloudflare nameservers to dedyn domain:

When i try to open the website it say dns not resolvable.

Please contact to address this, thanks!

Did you get an Answer from Support? I got the same Issue. Cloudflare is configured with Name Server, Website ist accessible but Cloudflare seems not to working. When i block for Example the whole Traffic.

Please see:

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