Let's Encrypt - acme.sh dnssleep


on my last provider i must set my acme.sh to --dnssleep 900 for the renewel process. The standard value is 300. How does it look here, is anybody using LE with acme.sh and can report?

The -dnssleep parameter is the time in seconds to wait for all txt records to take effect in DNS API mode.

Hi Schnuecks,

updates to zones hosted by deSEC usually propagate in less then five seconds. I’m assuming this is an automated process with no time pressure, so I’d use the default of 300.

Hope this helps!



sounds good.

For test purposes, I will then go as low as I can with the seconds. As I said, it’s not time-critical, but the faster the process is finished overall, the better.

Hi, just for the record. I set the dnssleep to 60 seconds and it worked fine for me. The slower part is now letsencrypt :wink: