Log of operations


I have an AAAA record that is mysteriously disappearing every once in a while.

I was wondering if it’s due to an activity from a dyndns updater that I have allowed to use with an API token? But how to find out?

Is there a log of activity being undertaken by external accesses (ie: not from website)?


To be clearer: this AAAA record is for the same subdomain than an A record which is being updated by dyndns. But because IPv6 addresses don’t change, I never need to update the AAAA record.

I was wondering: if there is an update to a subdomain’s IPv4 address (and nothing sent for the IPv6 address), does deSEC delete the IPv6 (AAAA) record of that subdomain?

You should read https://desec.readthedocs.io/en/latest/dyndns/update-api.html#determine-ip-addresses.



Thanks, found the problem, which was described in your link