Login session expires when navigating the site

Hi Guys

When logged in on the desec.io site, and i navigate to some of the other menus, and when i return to the DNS overview, i am no longer logged in. Thats very annoying when i have to login every time i navigate somewhere else. You state that i am logged out by inactivity, but this is a matter of seconds after logging in.

Please also consider the ability to save login credentials in the browser. Almost all sites have that capability, and its up to the user if they think about security.

I use momentarily the chrome browser on a mac computer.

Hi svalkaer,

thanks for your report and welcome to deSEC! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can reproduce the behavior and created an issue at GitHub: https://github.com/desec-io/desec-stack/issues/619

Will update this thread once there is progress on that issue. As deSEC has limited resources, it may be a while for us to pick this up and resolve. If you enjoy deSEC, please consider a donation! :slight_smile:


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Thanks Nils,

I will consider.