Many tokens displayed in web portal

I am using qmcgaws DDNS updater (GitHub - qdm12/ddns-updater: Container to update DNS records periodically with WebUI for many DNS providers) to update some of my A records.

It works well, however every time it checks in it creates a new token on the tokens page. I created a token to start that is included in my DDNS config, but every time it checks in it creates a new one, which is then never used again. Its not really a problem, just very odd.

Does anyone know how I can prevent this?

I have each subdomain in my DDNS config as a seperate entry instead of having them as one entry with subdomains separated by commas, I don’t know if maybe that related.

Hi Jayspek,

Thanks for your message and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

The extra tokens you are seeing most likely are your login tokens, which are created when you log into the web portal before you look at the token list.

Login tokens expire after a while, but are not deleted unless you hit the log-out button. So, when you close the tab without logging out, you will later see expired tokens in the list.

You can just delete those. (You cannot delete the current token in the web portal; it its greyed out. But you can deleted it by hitting the log-out button.)

Stay secure,

Oohhh, I see. That’s mildly embarrassing, thanks for the explanation!