Migration from other dns


i tried to move from my current dns provider. In my records i have some hostname with @ what complies to rfc1035 rfc1035

@               A free standing @ is used to denote the current origin.

How could i add those hostnames, should i use * or what could i use to achieve that?

Hi Schnuecks,

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The name @ corresponds to the empty subdomain (= it is for records which apply to the domain name itself). You can simply leave the subname field empty.

(There’s some context in the API docs.)

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Hi, great.

Thanks for the quick response :wink:


i migrated successfully. But i got some errors several tests.



main problem on those tests is that ns1.desec. io does not respond

Hi Schnuecks,

I am unable to reproduce the problem from several other vantage points, and all our frontend nodes are up and running, and I succeeded in connecting each of them individually. As a result, it appears that there is a routing issue between these services and ns1.desec.io.

To debug the routing problem, I contacted the Zonemaster admin and asked for some routing logs as seen from their perspective. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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Hi Schnuecks,

There was a routing issue in the US that caused these problems. As the services you were using seem US-based, those were affected by the problem.

Sorry it took quite a while to fix! Meanwhile, ns1.desec.io was available from other regions of the world, and ns2.desec.org was available globally throughout. Apart from a bit of extra latency seen in certain US locations, there was no other service degradation or disruption.

Thanks for reporting it!

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now it looks good, very nice.

I wish i could say other services would give such an effort on problems.


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