More than one TXT records without subname

Hi deSec support team!

I’m new to deSec, currently in the process to create my necessary records before I transfer my domain, and have a problem to create more than one TXT-records without subname. When I do this I get an error “Another RRset with the same subdomain and type exists for this domain.”

these records are usual in many environments and should NOT have a subname, for example for Google Site verification, Office 365 domain verification (“ms=12312xxxxx”), SPF-records and so on…

I searched the forum and did not find any information about that. I’m sure I’m not the first one with this issue, how do other people solve this problem? Do these specific records work when I give them a value in the subname-field, even if the vendor states not to do that?

many thank for helping out!


There can only be one RRset for each name + type combination. But that RRset can have multiple records.

You are probably getting confused because many DNS configuration interfaces pretend that there can be multiple RRsets each having 1 record for each name + type combination. This would imply for example that you could set different TTLs for each such RRset. But that does not actually work. Each RRset only has one TTL for all of its records.
The deSEC web UI gets this right. :+1:



so many thanks for that information! I didn’t realize that the GUI is totally different as usual for this specific case - but if: it makes sense, thank for your explanation!

greetings, Gerald

Hi Gerald,

welcome to deSEC :slight_smile:

To expand on what @fiwswe said: You can click the “add another value” button under your existing record to add an additional one.

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Hi Peter!

thanks for further explanation! I did understand that in that way, added all my needed records by doing so and switched my domain DNS-NS-records to deSec yesterday… so it’s live! :blush: