My subdomain stopped working


I tried to install an SSL certificate with the help of the Docs but it didnt work so I tried to to that with Lets Encrypt ones (I followed the instructions on After following Lets Encrypt instructions the console displayed a message saying that the certificate is installed. But when I tried to go to my website using the subdomain the browser said that it can`t access the website. I uninstalled the certificate but it is still not working. I also deleted the A record and made it again but that didnt help.

Can you tell how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance,


Hello Jeff,
which client do you use to get a valid ssl certificate from LE?

It sounds like the certificate can successfully valid and retrieve. So it is in my opinion an deSEC problem. Of course we should verify. Do you have the outout from the console and post it here? Do not forget to replace senstive informations with an placeholder.