New domain creation permission, how fase it it granted?


Last monday, I requested permission for managing more than 1 domain (nothing related to dynDNS, where I read no new signups are taken). It’s thursday now. I wonder if these requests are also not taken anymore, or that I just need to be patient?


It is actually new subdomains of that can not be created at the moment. DDNS continues to work fine with existing subdomains of as well as with other domains that have their minimum TTL lowered to 60s.

With regard to your issue: “0 of 1 domains left” seems weird. The normal limit per account used to be higher than 1 (more like 15). But I could not find any official documentation of what the default limit currently is. So maybe something changed?

Your best bet would be to contact deSEC e.V. support as suggested. But given that this is a free service there are no SLAs and the people handling the support requests may be busy. So please be patient.


Thanks for the response. I’ll wait a bit more…