Pagination required on

When trying to acces my domain on I get a blank page and the following error:
Pagination required. You can query up to 500 items at a time (584 total). Please use the first page link (see Link header).

Regards, Anders

Hi Anders,

The web interface uses the API in the background, and the API only returns up to 500 entries per request. When your domain contains more data, the API will return this error, which the web interface currently doesn’t handle gracefully.

There also is an issue about this in our bug tracker: UI is broken for zones with >500 entries · Issue #584 · desec-io/desec-stack · GitHub Feel free to comment there what you think about the proposed solution.

Meanwhile, you can use the API directly, or use on of the other clients that support pagination (e.g. dnscontrol).

Stay secure,