Provide QR Code for Bank Transfer

For easier mobile payment with mobile banking apps, please generate a QR code for bank transfers and display it on the donate page.

They are called EPC-QR-Code:

and could contain next to
Recipient deSEC e.V.
IBAN DE91 8306 5408 0004 1580 59

also a “Verwendungszweck” e.g. “Spende/Donation for deSEC e.V.”
and maybe a decent proposal for “Zahlungsbetrag”, based on usually received donations ? But this field is optional and can be omitted in the QR code.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve created a pull request here: feat(webapp): show bank transfer info as EPC QR code by nils-wisiol · Pull Request #724 · desec-io/desec-stack · GitHub

This has been deployed!

Stay secure,

Thanks! It looks good !