Social media presence?

I have completed my self-hosted XMPP server project yesterday, which in part was possible thanks to deSEC.

I wanted to give a shout-out to the projects I used to try and give them more recognition, but I couldn’t do this for deSEC as I couldn’t find any presence on either Mastodon or Twitter.

This is a shame, as I think deSEC is a perfect fit for FOSS enthusiasts and the many, many self-hosted projects out there, in particular in the Fediverse.

Instead I’ve tooted and tweeted the deSEC website, but it would be much more effective if I could include a deSEC presence on each of the networks. I can’t give as much financial support as I’d like, but I can try and support deSEC by spreading the word.

In case anyone is interested, here are my posts.

In any case, thanks for a fab service!


Thanks for the initiative, Aerion! We really appreciate it. I’ll get in touch with you privately with a few ideas about what we can do about social media presence.

Stay secure,