Starting with the basics

Hello and thank you for providing a free service based on security.
I am lost with the basics of the “product” or “service”.
For background of what I wish to achieve, I have a dynamic dns domain name from no-ip. I use a client on a router/firewall to update my public ip address. All I currently use it for is to ssh to a machine on the LAN by forwarding the port. All works well.
I want to move to a secure dynamic dns setup so that I can use tls certificates to also forward https traffic to a webserver in the LAN. The tls traffic will be terminated at the webserver and I plan on using let’s encrypt certificates.
This is what made look and found your service.
I have now created an account and added a new domain and it looks like that will replace my no-ip one.

My Questions:

  • Do I need to pay for something to be able to use this new domain?
  • Does the service operate similar to no-ip where they are the registrars for their no-ip domain, so that my belongs to desec and I am using a subdomain?
  • Can I expect to use the service in the same way, where a ddns client can keep my public ip associated with the domain?

This are the basics I am unclear about, if deSEC is a dynamic dns provider only or both that and a registrar.
Thank you.

deSEC is registrar of subdomains. So you don’t have to register them elsewhere.

You can also use deSEC to host subdomains of other domains: In that case deSEC is not the registrar and you have to buy the domain and delegate the zone to the deSEC nameservers yourself.

Thank you @mihi. I appreciate it.

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