Suggested improvement: Increase default "rows per page" in Domain Management


First of all, thank you for an excellent service! Much appreciated.

I want to suggest an easy improvement to the UI on
In Domain Management, the default “Rows per page” is 10. However, the default domains limit is 15 domains. If you increase the default “Rows per page” to 15 or 20, then users would at least be able to have all their domains in one page unless they have contacted support to have their limit increased.

When listing records on a particular domain, Rows per page is also set to 10 by default. I think this should easily be much higher. This is where you generally would like to have a clear overview of what records are there. I would suggest a limit of 50 or 100.

I hope you will consider these suggestions.


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Hi LydolfSleipner,

Thanks for your suggestions! We track feature requests here: Issues · desec-io/desec-stack · GitHub

Feel free to open an issue there. Thanks!

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