Support ANAME or ALIAS

With hardcore services like Heroku for scalable apps etc you can’t setup hosting based redirects for APEX names.

If only deSEC offered ANAME or ALIAS so we could point the APEX domain to the www. subdomain and call it day. You guys make it incredibly difficult to work around this.

To add to this, as a reason for why i’m talking about it. I have setup HTTPS with a priority of 1 on the apex and going to it isn’t redirect to www.

How about this?

They force you to register with social buttons, so google etc. Not very privacy focused.

Instead i used

Actually the lite version doesn’t require registration at all.

The lite version doesn’t do 301 redirects it only does 302.

Yeah that didn’t matter to me. However I didn’t realize that https redirects weren’t working… which practically speaking, in my case, didn’t matter but that’s pretty nice about apexwise.

Hi keat,

Have you considered the constraints laid out in Clarification on ALIAS records - #2 by peter? We’ll be happy to accept proposals for how to address this given those constraints.

Stay secure,