Token for dynDNS account to use Let's Encrypt


I would like to obtain a Let’s Encrypt Certificate for my domain, but ther is a issue.
Get a token like described in your dyndns-lets-encrypt-doc Point 3
don’t work because I can’t generate the token.
I use for curl my email and my “token” from registration as dynDNS account.
The answer is:
{“detail”:“Invalid username/password.”}
What do I wrong?
Isn’t it possible to generate a token with a dynDNS account?
Or should I use my “token” from registration for obtaining the Let’s Encrypt Certificate?

Best regards

Dear Jens,

welcome to deSEC and thanks for your post!

Please (re)set your password and try again.


Dear Nils,
thank you very much, now it works very fine.
Best regards