Updating Multiple Domains¶

the docs say

To update multiple domain or subdomains, it is best to designate one of them as the main domain, and create CNAME records for the others, so that they act as DNS aliases for the main domain. You can use do that either via the web interface or the API.

Can anyone clarify how exacly should I do that? Lets say i have


What is the right configuration to have them update all at once?

Thanks in advance and my apologies if I’m asking a trivial question.

Those are apex domains, the domains at the top of a delegation, in this case delegated from the .com, .org and .net TLDs. They cannot have a CNAME record because as apex domains they need other records and a CNAME would prohibit that.

If you wanted to have sub1.example.com and sub2.example.com always point at the same IP address, create a CNAME for sub2.example.com with a value of “sub1.example.com.” and only update sub1.example.com. A client looking up sub2.example.com will find the CNAME and then look up the sub1 domain in place of the sub2 domain.

If you need to update several domains, but with different addresses, as is often required with IPv6 use cases, you cannot use a CNAME and need to do individual updates. There is no single-call update method which achieves that with deSEC.

Hi, thanks for the clarification.

I need to update several domain, with the same address, but that does not work with deSEC (using ddclient). Is there any way to force ddclient to do it with separate requests instead of with one request and comma separated hosts?

Do you really need to update the A/AAAA records at the domain apexes themselves? Or would it suffice, as @GenericUser suggested, to update a subdomain such as e.g. www.your.domain1, www.your.domain2, etc. Updating the subdomains can be accomplished in a single step because there CNAMEs can be used. So you’d only need to update one of them.

At the domain apexes you are out of luck. You would need to update each domain by itself which can be done using ddclient. Look for “Multiple hosts” in the ddclient documentation.

You might run into rate-limit issues though. They are enforced per account (see Rate Limits). So if your three domains share the same account, you may have issues. OTOH hand the documentation states 1/min/domain for dyndns updates so it might be ok.


Hi, thanks for your reply, and yes, I really need the to update the apex domains (3 of them to be exact).
My problem was, even though I 3 separate configuration entries, ddclient was being smart and sending them in one request because the configuration was the same (apart from the host).

But something occurred to me, and now I finally managed to separate the request - I used different tokens for every config entry, so ddclient does not group them.
I should be OK with rate limits, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.