Updating specific hostname (A record)


Is it possible to update a specific record, rather than the @ (root) record using the dyn DNS API? It seems that since the hostname parameter is used as the username and the name of the zone to be updated, it’s not possible to specify the actual hostname.

For example, given zone rouben.dedyn.io, if I have several A records:
I can only use the dynamic IP update API to update
(i.e. the root of the zone) and not any of the above records.

Given that the account is limited to only 4 domans/zones, it’s not practical to have to create a separate zone for each dynamic IP hostname… furthermore, that approach just seems wasteful: creating a whole zone just to have a single record…

Hi rouben,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, subdomain records currently cannot be modified via the dyn DNS interface. We have a GitHub issue for this, but it’s currently not of the highest priority. You are welcome to make a code contribution, if you feel like it!

Regarding the default maximum number of zones per account: We increased that number from 5 to 15 this morning. As before, it is possible to contact as via email and request a higher threshold. (We don’t mind a large number of zones per user, we just want to enforce a human interaction to prevent automated abuse.)

Stay secure,