Web GUI for managing records


just heard of this service and I want to do some experiments is one of my unused domains. After creating the account I realized that I have to use the API…

I think that not all people are able or willing to use an API.

Will there be a Webinterface for managing Zones and records?


Dear jm87,

we are currently working on an interface to manage your records from the web. Also, we shall set up a roadmap so people can see where deSEC is headed. For now, the best we can offer is referral to other community projects that offer (partial) deSEC support.


A quick and dirty RRset management web page is available at https://webadmin.on.dedyn.io/. It is quite primitive (errors from the API appear in alert windows), looks ugly, but is functional enough for me to use. Requires a modern browser, does not work in IE11!

Feel free to use it too.

If the API is too confusing for you, you should probably wait for the official web management interface instead.


https://webadmin.on.dedyn.io/ offers a large number of record types. interesting !

although messages like “The MAILB RR set type is currently unsupported.” should be met with too much disappointment…

As the official web interface is live now, probably use that one instead. My website does not check whether the RR type is valid, it just includes a list of common and not so common RR types. You will see if it works when you receive the error message.(or not).

Our web interface also supports all kinds of records; the record entries in the dropdown list are merely suggestions, but you can type in various other record types, most of which will be supported.

Apparently, that is not clear enough to GUI users. Do you have suggestions on,

  • how to improve that?
  • which other record types should be included in the list by default?

Stay secure,

Apparently, that is not clear enough to GUI users. Do you have suggestions on,

  • how to improve that?

I would suggest adding an “(other)” or similar entry to the drop down which will clear the input field and place focus there. Combo boxes (combined edit and dropdowns) have been common in Windows 3.1 GUIs but in my experience most modern software do not use them any longer so not everybody will notice the text cursor appearing when hovering over the dropdown arrow.

Thanks, I created an issue here: https://github.com/desec-io/desec-stack/issues/490