Which record to fill specify custom DynDNS?

Using a custom domain (3rd party DynDNS service) that auto-updates and redirects to my router IP.

Q: Where in my deSEC account’s GUI do I enter this domain (DynDNS) instead of a fixed IP (A record)? What type of record should I use to enter it: CNAME or NS?

An A record would point your domain to a IP(v4), AAAA does the same but for IPv6. If you want to point the domain to another domain, or a subdomain, then you can use a CNAME record.

google.test.dedyn.io -> google.com

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Thank you, but also why no ALIAS records exist within deSec?
Using CNAME means I can no longer add MX records for my e-mail or CAA records for certificates, right? Is there a workaround for this?

You can definitely use CNAME, MX and CAA.

ALIAS is not supported. You can read about that here:


Yet here is the error I get when trying to create a CNAME, whether with <blank> or * subname. What am I doing wrong?


I recommend reading the link posted earlier by @l33tlamer. It’s all documented, and it’s more respectful if you spend some time instead of asking others to spend time.

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