Add nameserver on sub-domain

Is it possible to add name-server on test.your-domain.dedyn.Io

Are you asking whether you can add NS records to the subdomain If so, the answer is yes. Just add test NS your-ns1 and test NS your-ns2, etc. to (where your-ns1 and your-ns2 are FQDNs of your name servers).

This would delegate the domain to your name servers. As deSEC e.V. has the goal to encourage the use of DNSSEC you should use name servers that also support DNSSEC. And then you would also need to set the DS records corresponding to the DNSKEY used to sign the subdomain on your name servers. Note that if your name servers routinely rotate the DNSKEYs then you would need to automate updating the DS records as well.

However it is not clear to me why you would want to do this? Seems like a lot of trouble for very little gain.


I mean to add name server inside a sub-domain example

Ok, so what is the problem? Just set the NS records on test in