Asking txt to domain

I have registered a domain on and testing it with zoho free mail.

Zoho is asking me to upload a txt file to in order to verify domain.
I have no idea where to do this.

They are likely not asking you to upload a txt file but rather to set a txt record. You can find out a little info on txt records here…

Thanks, excuse vmy ignorance…

Per Zoho:

  1. Copying the unique TXT value from Zoho Mail Admin Console.
  2. Adding the value as a TXT record to your domain’s DNS Manager.
  3. Verifying the added TXT record from the Zoho Mail Admin Console.

Is desec not my dns manager?

Without knowing your domain name, we can’t be sure. But if you check the NS records for your domain and they come up as and then deSEC is indeed your DNS provider and it has a management web-UI as well as an API to set e.g. TXT records.

You can check the NS records in two ways on a UNIX command line:

  • $ whois <> The Nameservers are stated at the very end of the report.
  • $ dig <> NS

You could also use a tool such as to check your name servers as well as the correct DNSSEC chain-of-trust setup.