Certbot DNS Plugin

Is there any efforts on providing a Certbot DNS Plugin (https://certbot.eff.org/docs/using.html?highlight=dns#dns-plugins) leveraging your API?
That would ease issuing Letsencrypt wildcard certificates!
There are several examples at https://github.com/certbot/certbot.

There are some more hints at https://certbot.eff.org/docs/contributing.html#dev-plugin on how to accomplish that.

Hi kwin,

Thank you for your message, and welcome to deSEC! :slight_smile:

There is a certbot plugin draft here: https://github.com/akararsse/certbot-dns-desec

Unfortunately, I have not gotten around to review it. You are very welcome to fork it and do so!

Stay secure,

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The hook script is now deprecated and the deSEC certbot plugin has been released. To request certificates from Let’s Encrypt for deSEC-hosted domains, please use the certbot plugin.