DNS Records (MX, TXT, CNAME) from Host

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So do I read you correctly that after entering my website name on your WebUI and changing the specified NS Record and entering the DS in my hosting panel; besides having to enter the A-Record (IP of hosting server), I also need to enter any other existing records from my hosting panel on your WebUI i.e. MX Records, CNAME Records, TXT Records etc.?

AND if yes, do I need to delete those records (MX Records, CNAME Records, TXT Records etc.) in my hosting panel at the hosting provider or do they remain as is?


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When you set our nameservers in your domain’s NS records, Internet users who try to connect to your domain will be directed to make a DNS query to deSEC in order to learn which are the IP addresses of your web server (or whatever other service you run on your domain). This is why you need to both a) connect your domain to deSEC (= settings the NS delegation records at your domain vendor), and b) configure the DNS information of your domain at deSEC (e.g. the IP addresses / A records) so that we can answer your clients’ DNS queries.

Regard the second question, please take a look at our documentation about the dynDNS interface. It works both for free domains under dedyn.io, as well as for individual domains. In the latter case, you’ll need to tell us your domain name (after creating the domain at deSEC) so that we can enable the feature for you.

If you have further questions on the why and how the DNS in general, I suggest to open a thread in our forum at https://talk.desec.io/ so that other users may benefit from both questions and answers as well.

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I came across your website because I was looking for a DDNS provider and became very interested about your wonderful service.

  1. I was doing a trial on my domains and after I inserted them, after a while they were no longer reachable. So I had to remove them again, but I left one of them for testing.

What I did, I inserted your NS hostnames as advised into the DNS editor at my hosting provider (note they don’t accept a fullstop at the end, like is showing on your WebUI). Then I also entered the DS records you advised as TXT records. And that failed.

So then on the 1 domain left for testing, additionally I entered an A record on your WebUI and then it worked.

What I don’t understand is that if I was just using your NS Service, why do I need to enter the A records, TXT records, CNAME and MX records on your WebUI, as the domains are not being hosted by you? Or did I do something wrong?

  1. Also how will it work with DDNS when I have my own subdomain? It says on your website that I must contact you.

I tried the DDNS with your domain and followed the instructions, but it did not pick it up - my router (OpenWRT) has deSEC installed and when I enter the information it fails to communicate with your servers.

Thank you in advance for your explanation and assistance.

Hi Tor,

That’s correct.

After you change the NS records, DNS clients will start to contact deSEC instead of your old DNS provider when making queries.

The transition time usually takes about a day. Specifically, it depends on the TTL value for the NS record at your old provider (it specifies the number of seconds the transition will take).

After that time (usually around a day), DNS clients will no longer contact the old provider when querying for your domain. You can then delete those records, but if you keep them, there will be no negative consequences.

So in other words: Keep them for a day or so, and after that, it doesn’t matter.

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