DNSSEC at subdomain?


I have a .dk domain on which I have created a subdomain at desec.io.

So on desec.io, I do have my real domain, lets say, example.dk. I have configured this domain for DNSSEC.
So far so good.

Now, I also have subdomain, lets say, sub.example.dk.

I now get a warning email from support@desec.io telling me that I need to configure DNSSEC for sub.example.dk. However, I can’t, because on punktum.dk (hostmaster for .dk TLD) I can only register DNS sec keys for the actual .dk domain, not subdomains.

So what am I to do?

Please note that when I say a subdomain, I do not mean that I just created a record for sub.example.dk Instead, I created sub.example.dk as a separate domain in desec Domain Management interface.
The reason I did this is that I use this subdomain for various dynamic DNS stuff and administer this subdomain via desec API, while I manage the parent domain manually via mangement interface.

Hi LydolfSleipner,

The DS records need to go into the parent domain. So:

  • For example.dk, you need to tell your domain provider about your DS records, so that they can be put in the dk domain.
  • For sub.example.dk, you need to create DS records in the example.dk domain (with subname value sub). The DS values are shown when you click the (i) button in the web interface.

Does that help?

Stay secure,

Thank you! This works.