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So I’m trying to set-up the DNS for my website. When I first logged onto desec.io, I was given a set of DNSSEC records to put into my domain registrar (porkbun), and I thought I had done that. When I checked a few mins ago, there were no records showing in the ‘registry DNSSEC’. Where can I find the DNSSEC records on desec.io for my domain to re-enter them in porkbun, please?

Sorry, normally I’m more on the ball than this, but desec.io and porkbun are both new to me!

Hi @chilli,

Click the info “i”

Then scroll down to

Thank you!

I’ve just logged back in, and now my 2 domains are no longer showing. It’s telling me that I am allowed zero domains - I’d previously registered two on DeSec and I was allowed upto 15 domains, after speaking to Support. I guess that this is because I didn’t set-up the DNSSEC stuff properly for my most recent domain? I’ll ping an email to support tomorrow to check!

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Sounds like your best option. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, we don’t remove domains for that reason. Thanks for getting in touch with us to clarify what’s going on.

Stay secure,

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