DNSSEC validator complains there is no DS record in .EU tld

I’m trying to fix this:
“No DS records found for [redacted_domain].eu in the eu zone”

Is there some step with the registrar or the NIC that I need to do to fix this?

I’m redacting the domain name because I don’t want that to be public / indexed info.
There was a similar post (that I can’t find now) for creating DS record in .org.eu (Using deSEC with eu.org domain and DNSSEC (solution)).

I couldn’t find a form like this for my EU domain (not *.org.eu domain)

Do I need to obtain some proof I own the domain from EURid My .eu | EURid?

I have no specific information about .eu domains. But in general your domain registrar should have the access rights to set the DS records in the TLD’s zone for domains you have registered via that registrar. Either they have a standard process to handle this, just like setting the NS glue records, or you will need to contact their support.

Good luck!

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